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Hello! I am the founder of Fully Present Living and I am blessed to follow my calling as an energy intuitive and a heart whisperer. My passion is connection – not just connection with others, but more specifically connection to self. My dharma in life is to inspire you to connect to yourself and others, and to empower you to live fully present in your life. The resources on this site, combined with my mentoring and healing gifts, are here to help you make that connection, and bring the sparkle back to every day of your life.

My Sledge Hammer 

I haven’t always been connected to myself in this way. In fact, I used to lead two quite separate existences. One half of my life was full of externally defined success, and the other was filled with empty despair. I found myself feeling hollow and alone, lying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling, worrying about my future, obsessing about my past and generally making messy, damaging mistakes in my life. I was suffering from disconnection. I did not love myself. I was becoming mentally, emotionally and even physically ill. I was ignoring all the subtle hints that I needed to connect, and I was about to lose everything from the successful part of my life. I knew that something had to shift and I resolved to make dramatic changes. I call this the sledge-hammer approach to connection.

Finally, out came the sledge-hammer. I was forced to reconnect with my vibrant, true self, and I learned to take care of myself without feeling guilty! At last I could look in the mirror with love, but what a huge mess I had made!

Connecting with myself at this profound level was unspeakably transformational. The difficulty (the sledge-hammer) in the process became my inspiration; to empower others to achieve this connection, minus the destruction! I thought, why can’t we love ourselves and listen to what we need before life brings out the sledge-hammer? I decided to make it my mission to guide others to achieve this, and thus began the coaching part of my career. I now feel blessed every day, as I am guiding beautiful souls to listen to the gentle hints and avoid the hammer; thus creating unbounded joy in their lives. 

A lifetime of experience

My education and personal growth has been part messy and part organized.  I’ve been an expert Mom (not a perfect one!) for over 20 years and I have been married (not perfectly of course!) for over 24 years – to a man I adore. My life isn’t perfect, but if there’s one thing I have learned; it’s in these imperfections that we find true inspiration and magnificence. 

I have spent years of my life learning, growing and working through challenges and triumphs. As long as I can remember, I have been helping people connect to each other and more recently, with themselves. 

I have always adored science and also, what science hasn’t yet measured! Early on in life, I read books on meditation and spirituality. I have since explored many religions and philosophies about creation and spiritual growth. Whenever anything new came into my life, I gathered information to prepare to make the most useful choices I could. In college, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Math and had a 10-year career as a software developer at Boeing, robotics engineer at Venus-Gusmer, and technology evangelist at Microsoft.

I have studied fitness, food, families, and holistic and traditional healing systems, both for my health, and for my family. To deepen my interests, I spent 4 years at the NW School of Healing studying under Dr. Alima Hamilton. In addition to this, I spent 2 years at the Chopra Center University studying under Dr. Deepak Chopra and the late Dr. David Simon to become a certified Perfect Health (Ayurvedic Lifestyle) instructor. I am a certified Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach from the Goal Imagery Insttute studying under Dr. Marianna Lead. I am also a Proffessional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have developed physical, emotional and spiritual healing techniques that include: 

        Life and Career Coaching 
        Nonviolent Communication (based on Dr. Marshall Rosenburg's practice)
        Earth Energetics (based on the work of Dr. Barbara Brennan)
        Core Energetics (body-based psychotherapy rooted in the work of Dr. John Pierrakos)
        Basic Cranial Sacral
        Ayurvedic Lifestyle (Perfect Health)
        Reiki (I am a Reiki Master through the lineage of Iris Ishakura)

Here to Help – Body, Mind, or Spirit

Whether you are experiencing physical pain or discomfort, emotional turmoil or spiritual uncertainty, I can help. Using both extensive life-experience and healing techniques, I’ll work with you to transform your life and get you reconnected with your happier, healthier, more vibrant self. I won’t have all your answers, but I will guide you to find them in yourself.

If you’re ready to start the journey, simply get in touch. 

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