In order to connect successfully with your beautiful, vibrant true self, it’s vital to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. However, if you’re suffering with emotional or physical pain, knowing how to improve your situation can feel like an uphill struggle. My healing sessions are designed to ease your physical and emotional symptoms, leaving you free to focus on loving life once more.

Are You Experiencing…

If you’re experiencing any of the above; it’s time to make some changes. The power of healing can eradicate or minimize pain, allowing you to live life to the full once again.

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+ How Does it Work?

Healing sessions promote healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in your energy field; and can also include work on your subconscious mind. If there is an illness or disturbance in the body, mind or emotions, we certainly want to address all those levels. Energy healing complements and supports other methods of healing, including traditional medicine, because it addresses the energy of which the body, mind and emotions are composed.

I use a variety of healing techniques from several modalities; including core energetic healing, Reiki, cranial sacral techniques and/or hypnotherapy. My work as an energy intuitive is based on accessing higher guidance and the subtle body called your energy field. I can lead you to transform and shift energy blocks. What results is relief from physical pain, a deeper connection with self and spirit, as well as a release of old pain-producing patterns.

During your healing session, I’ll be focusing on enhancing the energy flow through your body and correcting any problematic disturbances in your energy field. I’ll also be working with you to help heal any subconscious issues which may be causing you emotional or mental distress.

+ What Will I Feel?

You will be relaxed during the session and in general feel energized and lighter at the end. Each session is unique and tailored to your personal requirements; but most are administered by therapeutic touch, and some include guided emotional healing sessions or hypnotherapy. Some clients experience a wonderful glowing radiance, flowing through them.  The energy work is generally very relaxing, less manipulative than a massage, and really pleasant to experience. You’ll be fully clothed throughout the entire session. Emotional healing/hypnotherapy sessions are recorded and made available to you.



Not only are you likely to enjoy the experience itself, but you’re also likely to notice real benefits after your healing session. These include:

If you want to experience the many benefits of healing, and start your journey towards a happier, healthier you, then simply get in touch today to arrange your first session.



I have been practicing since 2005. I am a Reiki Master, and in 2009,completed a four year healing arts program at the Northwest School of Healing (NWSH.)  I attended NWSH’s advanced training to become skilled at hypnotherapy and cranical sacral techniques. In August of 2011, I completed Chopra University’s Perfect Health certification program and am a Chopra Center certified instructor for Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle; which includes meditation, yoga, and nutrition.