Meditating and Your Busy Mind
Is your mind to busy to meditate? The answer is absolutely not. There are four basic categories of experiences you can have during meditation, each of them are signs of a successful meditation. Repeating the Mantra: As you repeat the mantra, you will notice that it is just like a thought except it really has no meaning. Repeating this vibration over and over again will not create thought [...]
Self-Care Is Selfless – Truth!
"Our happiness is greatest when we contribute most to the happiness of others." – Harriet Shepard What do you think about that quote? Do you find it to be true or is there just a bit of resentment surfacing as you take care of someone else’s needs? If you feel resentful, you are not alone! Often that feeling of resentment is followed by guilt – feeling guilty abo[...]
4 Ways to Embrace the Changing Season
It’s hard to believe we are well into fall already! I am left wondering, “What happened to September?” When seasons change, your body change too! For those of us in the western hemisphere, we are moving through Fall which is Ayurvedic terms is Vata season. This means movement and change are all around. We may feel a bit more scattered unless we decide to balance by adding some gr[...]
7 Steps to Releasing Resentment
Finally Check Your Baggage and Fly Free! Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies. ~ Nelson Mandela Did someone do or say something that you find unforgivable? Do you find yourself still hurt or angry when you think about the pain? Does the resentment of this situation cloud your current happiness? It probably does, even if you aren’t aware [...]
I Like My Hair
It’s so not about my hair… Isn’t it funny, or sort of sad, that I still feel mildly uncomfortable admitting that I do, in fact, like my hair? I worry that you will think I’m vain for saying so. I worry that it sounds shallow or superficial. Well, that is, I use to worry a lot about those things – now not so much. Mostly I’ve given up worrying about what o[...]
New Year Ceremony – Burn Baby Burn
Each year my family has a revitalizing ritual we perform at the beginning of the year. You can try this easy beautiful ritual too! You will combine a release ceremony commonly known as a Burning Bowl Ceremony with a create ceremony. The basic intent of this ritual is to use the start of the year to release thoughts, actions, and/or relationships that are no longer serving you and then invite in[...]
“Some Assembly Required”
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…all the teenagers were stirring! Santa (that’s me) was waiting and waiting to fill the stockings….but alas it was not to happen this year (at least not on Christmas Eve!) I am the Mom of three teenage boys. It’s ok, I meditate, no need to feel stressed for me! This year for Christmas, the boys got their Dad a ba[...]
Letting Go
Today I invite you to connect with the spirit of this season by letting go. I found myself FREAKING out a little yesterday because I was thinking OMG it’s December 6th and I don’t have any holiday decorations up or cards sent or shopping done or or or!!! I can’t even imagine how I will get all the things done I think I should be doing… Then I reminded myself of what [...]
Guilt Be Gone – You Are Worth It!
Say it “I AM worthy of love and abundance!” “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi Some opening thoughts: You are the only YOU there is –being you is ALL that is needed to deserve love and happiness Only YOU know what is best for you – connect [...]
YOU Already Know Best
You may have heard the sayings “What would Jesus do?” or “What would Buddha do?” or any number phrases and techniques designed to help you reach life goals by modeling your behavior after people you admire. These are often very useful tools. What if you could trust that YOU know the best answer? Instead of wondering what someone else would do, you begin to ask[...]
What if you felt healthy and energetic?
Do you wake up full of life and ready to take on the day with vigor? Or do you wake up dreading another day? If you are closer to the latter, then we need to talk! As women, we are anthropologically and socially programmed to be care takers. And many of us become excellent at that job. We spend YEARS perfecting it. We take care of our careers, we take care of our children, our husbands, ou[...]
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