Life is messy. Change can knock us down. Transitions can be hard and overwhelming. We all get stuck sometimes. But you know what?

I believe loving life is ALWAYS possible!

I know deep in my heart that this is true. And as a mentor, I get the chance to empower you to reconnect with your sexy vibrant self, and finally love the life you have created. Working together, we can create the most efficient individualized path to your desired outcome, and with coaching, you can reach that goal quickly. Without coaching, it could take you months or even years of bouncing around from concept to concept, never really finding your core self or direction in life. Many never really discover what it is they need in order to feel that deep sense of security within,which supports and nurtures them towards greater fulfillment in life.


If You Are Feeling…

I’ll help you to reconnect with your true self and to love the person you see in the mirror once more.

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+ How Does it Work?

The mentoring sessions take the form of a partnership; a collaboration between yourself and me. We’ll work together to help you navigate a positive, transformative path; stripping away your anxieties and negative emotions, and guiding you to a stronger, happier place in life.

It’s your opportunity to:

Your program will include Perfect Health (Ayurvedic lifestyle) training, communication skills, emotional healing work, and possibly some hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions. Sessions can be in person, over the phone, by Skype or online. After each mentoring session, I’ll supply you with follow-up notes, clear steps of action and even recordings of certain sessions. You’ll be provided with tools to help track your progress and support you along the way. You’ll also receive email support throughout the week.

The mentoring sessions can take the form of one-time ‘Transition Turnarounds’ or extended Coaching Partnerships. Whichever you select, you’ll really notice the changes. It’s time we got you reconnected with your inner confidence and fierce, beautiful positivity once again!

+ Which Option is Best For You?

Intensive Reset and Renewal – Most common, efficient, and powerful – four 90-minute phone or Skype sessions or in person sessions plus four phone check ins for three months. Includes custom program, private webpage, personalized book recommendations, weekly “challenges”, accountability systems, and email support between sessions.

Gentle Renewal – Need a slower pace? Pick two 90-minute phone or Skype sessions or in person sessions plus two phone check ins for six months. Includes custom program, private webpage, personalized book recommendations, weekly “challenges”, accountability systems, and email support between sessions.

Just Some Guidance Please! – Do you have want to ask me questions/get my opinion about a tough situation, communicating in your relationships, or meditation and self-care practices?  I will answer as many questions and offer as much advice as I can in this personal power session.  $195 for a 90 minute session on phone or Skype. Includes follow up notes and recording.

Private Weekend Retreat-  Private Retreats are stunningly life transforming, healing, inspiring and restorative. This program is not designed as a vacation or a chance to get away. What you learn here are tools that have been used for thousands of years, techniques that empower you to be your own healer  Super short version: You fly out to Washington state, Friday until Monday.  We’ll work together to set you up for working through your rough spot, developing healthy habits, and releasing blocks that are holding your back.  

+ What Will I Feel?

After the mentoring, you’ll feel like a completely new person. You will experience greater insight in terms of who you are, what your life is currently demonstrating and how you can create your life, so that it demonstrates what you want in all areas. You will look in the mirror and say “I ROCK!” and know how to bring yourself back to sparkling balance… no matter what life throws your way!

This path to self-discovery and meaningful reconnection may be challenging. You’ll need courage, drive and honesty to achieve the results you want. If you’ve got the determination, I’ve got the unwavering support, expertise and enthusiasm you need to ensure you succeed. You can be on your way to mastering a life of unbounded joy!



Want to get started? Taking the first step can be difficult, but I’ve made it easy for you. To begin transforming your life, simply request a possibilities call today.